Frequently Asked Questions about Appleton Technical Academy

ATECH provides high school students with a jump-start toward successful and rewarding careers within the manufacturing and industrial technology industries through a blend of hands-on learning and academics. 

In cooperation with FVTC and local business leaders, ATECH gives students the skills and experience needed to get stable, high-paying jobs available now due to an increasing shortage of skilled workers for manufacturing positions. The need is urgent. The opportunity is great.

Where is the Appleton Technical Academy located?
ATECH is located at Appleton West High School and all classes are taught by AASD staff members.

Will transportation be provided?
As with all charter schools, parents or students are responsible for providing transportation.

Are there suggested tracks of coursework?
Students in grades 9 through 12 will take coursework in all areas of manufacturing. As students get closer to graduation, coursework will become progressively more focused on your student's specific interest area through advanced classes on chosen subjects and through the senior Youth Apprenticeship program.

What will curriculum and instruction look like at this Appleton Area School District (AASD) Charter School?
At Appleton Technical Academy, we provide instruction that goes beyond the traditional classroom. Students will have a mix of both traditional core classes (Math, Science, English, Social Studies) and manufacturing-related courses (Welding, Machining, Mechanical Design, Automated Manufacturing).

What will a typical ATECH student schedule look like?
Schedules will differentiate depending on grade level. 9th-grade students will have a two-hour seminar course each day covering all areas of manufacturing, and the rest of the day is spent in required core courses. 10th-grade students will take core courses in English, Science, Math, and History. Courses for 11th and 12th-grade students seek to integrate Math, Science, and English into manufacturing courses.

Will students earn college credit while attending ATECH?
Students can earn as many as 24 credits through Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) in Math, English, and Manufacturing areas while a student at ATECH.

How much does it cost to attend Appleton Technical Academy?
As a public charter school of the Appleton Area School District, there is no application fee or tuition. Also, through our partnership with local industry, donations from area businesses cover the cost of safety clothing, protective glasses, equipment, etc.

Who can apply for the Appleton Technical Academy?
Any student entering 9th – 12th grade can apply, including students from other school districts.

Nearly three-quarters of local companies expect to have difficulty finding skilled workers in 2021. That’s


The most difficult-to-fill positions include machinists/CNC machinists (#1), general labor (#2), welders (#5), and maintenance mechanics (#6).

Earn up to 24 credits through FVTC while still in high school.