Work Experiences

Youth Apprenticeship Opportunities

The Appleton Technical Academy would like to place junior and senior students in a youth apprenticeship opportunity that will combine in-school learning with learning on the job.

These employment opportunities can begin during the summer before a student's junior or senior year at ATECH, during the senior year, or upon graduation from ATECH. An Appleton Area School District job coach will provide support to both the student and employer. Students are permitted and encouraged to work during the school day.

A high level of support is offered for a youth apprentice and the student is permitted to do work that is otherwise prohibited for a student under the age of 18.

Youth Apprenticeships

  • Paid position
  • Employer must provide a total of 450 hours during the duration of the employment
  • Employer provides a training plan with a variety of experiences
  • Student is assigned an employer selected mentor who will attend training, directly and closely supervise student work, assess and document mastery of developed Competencies and Learning Objectives, and work with ATECH apprenticeship coordinator
  • Employer provides the same employment considerations as other employees (e.g. safety, health, and social security)
  • Student may be terminated by employer or school for just cause following consultation with teacher/coordinator