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Appleton Technical Academy (ATECH) is open to all students entering grades 9-12. There is no application fee and tuition is free of charge.

Current AASD students can complete an application for enrollment by using the enrollment form on our website.

Students from school districts outside of AASD need to file the necessary paperwork for open enrollment and must be approved by the state. The application deadline for open enrollment varies from year-to-year. For open enrollment procedures, visit the State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website.

You can also call ATECH with questions at (920) 852-5410.

All credits awarded are AASD approved and will satisfy district graduation requirements.

"Charter schools, such as Appleton Technical Academy, are so important to our children and the community at large as it allows our future workforce to understand the wonderful careers in manufacturing and advances in manufacturing technology.

Schools, such as Appleton Technical Academy, afford a hands-on learning experience to students to help them understand and grow their skills and give them a path to the future."

Scott Kettler

ATECH Advantage

The ATECH Advantage delivers customized education and specialized training to students through in-depth, hands-on projects, and real-world experience to prepare them for a meaningful technical career.