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Our School


The Appleton Technical Academy graduates students who possess the knowledge and skills necessary for successful entry into the career pathways of modern advanced manufacturing.


The philosophy of ATECH is centered on preparing students to enter the workforce with the skills necessary for academic and social success in their chosen field.

Students who graduate from ATECH will be prepared to directly enter the workforce via job training, through an apprenticeship, by attending a two-year community college, by attending a technical school, or by attending a major four-year college or university.

ATECH will create a community that encourages all students to work towards realizing their potential and promote students who make positive social, academic, and career driven choices.


  • Promote learning through career focused studies
  • A blend of academics and hands on learning provides practical application of knowledge and skills
  • Articulated classes advance students in a program of study at Fox Valley Technical College or beyond
  • Offer a unique learning environment that reflects current trends in industry and business
  • Foster working partnerships with area businesses and industries in programs such as job shadowing and youth apprenticeships
  • Provide students the skills and academics necessary to enter the 21 century job market
  • Overall student achievement is improved through relevant curriculum
  • Address the current gaps recognized by local business where the need is clear for additional employment opportunities